Heather Morris is sunshine, unicorns and double rainbows.This Blog is an appreciation of HeMo. Brittana is ENDGAME,OTP. I cannot and will not ship either of them with anyone else. My name is Jess, I'm French-Canadian, 23 and lesbian. Psychology Major, voracious reader but very bad speller.Go figure. LOVE: Orphan Black, Orange Is The New Black, Game Of Thrones and Lost Girl.

Reminder: Women do not need to be polite to someone who is making them uncomfortable.

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5/15 → heather morris
5/15 → heather morris
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Let’s get this to 20,000 brittana fandom

No matter how many times I see this, it still gives me chills. I’ve watched a lot of TV, but this kiss… Damn.

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Heather Morris in Snuts 1 Gif Set. (X)

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we know heather.

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