Heather Morris is sunshine, unicorns and double rainbows.This Blog is an appreciation of HeMo. Brittana is ENDGAME,OTP. I cannot and will not ship either of them with anyone else. My name is Jess, I'm French-Canadian, 24 and lesbian. Psychology Major, voracious reader but very bad speller.Go figure. LOVE: Orphan Black, Orange Is The New Black, Game Of Thrones and Lost Girl.
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Anonymous: Bram is not & will not ever happen again. That source of those rumours is a known troll who doesn't like the brittana fandom. The idiot is probably some douchebag who spends their free time fucking a japanese anime body pillow in their parents basement. If they actually put thought into their trolling they would know that chord & amber were given main cast status & hemo was not. All american hero sam needs an onscreen LI & given hemo is in only a handful that kills any chance of bram.

I knew it had to be someone trolling because as I said I trust my source but the way you worded this whole ask is pure genius. Thank-you for the laugh friend xoxo

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Heather Morris in Romantically Speaking

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“She is so beautiful. You don’t get tired of looking at her.”

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“It’s great to be with her.” - Heather Morris 

“It’s great to be with her.” - Heather Morris 

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Anonymous: Have you seen the rumor that says bram is back together in the beginning and they'll have a duet in ep 2? Earlier this week you sounded very optimistic. How can it change so quickly? Even Naya seemed happy about the songs she's going to be singing. Any new news about this rumor?


Can you please direct me to the person who said this because it contradicts EVERYTHING I’ve been told and I cannot find the source ANYWHERE. Sounds like Klaine shippers disgruntled because at the beginning they are the ones broken up. So until you send me the source I say this: BULLSHIT 


☝️☝️☝️ thank you! These rumors are bullshit. Nobody has a source and people just keep adding on to this “theory”. Glee is already a piece of shit, if they valued having ANY viewers in their last season, they WOULDN’T break up their most popular ship. Salty ass Klainers.

I trust my source and BRITTANA IS ENDGAME. <3 

Still waiting for the source of these Bram “rumors” I’m waiting to hear it because 

Anonymous: brittany and sam are together in the beginning when glee starts.. all of the main couples are split up.. they explain what happens with santana and her why they broke up.. the person that said this was right about stuff last season.. so yeah its shit


This got to be the dumbest thing ever.

Anon do you have the link?


This would make no sense if its a 5 month time jump, and britt left to go on tour with mercedes. Sams latest girlfriend. No one wants bram, why would glee do this. If this is true it’ll be one final smack down to the brittana fandom and we would have no reason to watch. I hate rumors and ones posted by anons, if your source is legit come off anon and send it to ppl 😡😠

What is this so called source? Bring em at me because they is trolling like mofos. THESE ARE LIES. 

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