Heather Morris is sunshine, unicorns and double rainbows.This Blog is an appreciation of HeMo. Brittana is ENDGAME,OTP. I cannot and will not ship either of them with anyone else. My name is Jess, I'm French-Canadian, 23 and lesbian. Psychology Major, voracious reader but very bad speller.Go figure. LOVE: Orphan Black, Orange Is The New Black, Game Of Thrones and Lost Girl.

If you want me I’m here.

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More x

Santana’s lip quivering in the last one.


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Hemo was in a episode of My super sweet 16, she is picked to dance in the party.

I had to make these gifs because young Heather is too much hotness.

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Glee Season 2 Spoof 2 - Lazy Directions (x)

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this might be my favorite post on tumblr ever

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our ship made it till the end


we got through this



and after a hard time we are here



and then this happened


and we sould’nt forget this one


And who can forget this??


And after all these we have finally Brittany in N.Y with Santana





Tell Him

I wanna see her dance like this again.

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wheroisred: Waaaait a minute. You, Jess heather-and-her-harem, Queen of Brittana blogging, are following me!? You're crazy! But thank you. But why? Also I think you're amazing. But like.. are you sure you want to follow me? Haha. (ps. You're beautiful. idek. And you don't have to reply, if you do I'll get all flustered and say something silly.) K byeeeee!

I’m just me and you are you. Is that not enough? xoxo <3

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Anonymous: Whether you're wrong or right about your spoilers, people might actually respect you more if you had the courage to give specific spoilers before the fact because anybody could say they know things after the fact. Aside from the 'Brittany will go after Santana' spoilers, which were already spoiled on another blog, you haven't brought anything new to the table. I like your blog, & people telling you to kill yourself should be embarrassed but you need to put up or shut up to gain more respect xo

After the fact? Spoiled on other blogs? REALLY? Please show me, or better yet go back on my blog check the dates and then come back and say that to me please because I don’t recall anyone else CONFIRMING that they were getting back together, or saying that “no one will doubt Brittany’s love for Santana after 100 or 101” nor do I recall anyone else describing the kiss in 100 by saying “you know what happens when Heather takes control of the kiss and Naya lets her” or the fact that I posted pics of Lesbos more than once on this blog as a hint weeks before the episode aired or that Heather would be coming back before the end of the season. Shall I go on anon? 

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